Vista de un panel de pedidos con pedidos delivery y takeaway y fotografía de una mujer joven mirando su teléfono móvil.

Global order management

We extend the floor plan of your dining room to the street, redefining the ordering experience and always enhancing your direct channels

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Keep your restaurant independent

with our own ordering software for delivery and takeaway. Adapt it to your business, and improve your income.

Sell in your direct channels

Offer delivery and takeaway services on your website and social networks to accept maximum demand. Activate the takeaway button on Instagram and Google My Business.

Ejemplo del botón de “Pedir Comida” en el perfil de Instagram del restaurante Tametzonia.

Real-time control panel

Optimize times and schedules based on kitchen occupancy and traffic.

Ejemplo de tracking en el panel de pedidos del sistema Cover, donde podemos ver cuáles están pagados y pendientes.

Scannable digital menu

Scannable from a QR code, Configure it according to time, day and typology.

Ejemplo de carta digital del restaurante Tametzonia, la cual puedes configurar según hora, día y tipología. Muestra también un código QR, ya que el cliente podrá acceder a esta carta escaneando un código en el restaurante.

Annotate and modify orders by phone

Record all the orders you receive directly by telephone

Primer paso a la hora de realizar un nuevo pedido en room service, en el que el huésped debe seleccionar fecha y hora del pedido.

Promotional codes

Build customer loyalty by creating promotional codes. Through CoverAtHome you will be able to create discount codes for your customers.


Percentage discount

The discount will be previously defined by the restaurant.


Discount in amount

The discount applied by the created code may be of a fixed amount. This discount will be for the total price of the order.


Shipping discount

You can create a code for free shipping. It can be configured to be from a minimum amount.

Purchase process

Orders will be placed through a custom landing page according to your brand image, available in English and Spanish. You can configure the payment and pick up time you stipulate. It is possible to include in the notifications a link to track the order so that the customer knows at all times what is the status of the order.

The customer will be able to make his purchase in less than 2 minutes. Through a landing page that you can include in your website, any customer will place his order indicating if he wants to pick up at the store or order at home.

 Ejemplo de ventana de “Haz tu pedido” con el restaurante Tameztonia, ofreciendo take away y delivery, junto a la landing de productos para el cliente.


CoverManager integrates with each area to have a global management of your orders.

Point of Sale (POS)

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Integrations with companies for home delivery

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Integrations with channel platforms

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Payment gateways

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360° Management of your business

CoverBookings, CoverAtHome and CoverOnTheGo are integrated within the same software, to facilitate your overall management.

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Own CRM integrated with bookings and orders

Know your customer and unify your databases in one place.

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Marketing solutions

Loyalize your customers to establish a better relationship with them.

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Integrate with your POS, PBX and email marketing tools.

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Increase your visibility through our Demand Generation Network.

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