automatiza el pedido y pago en mesa
Cover At Table

Order and payment at the table

Automate the collection of your customers with a table payment system. Save time and increase the profitability of your business.

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Improve the performance of your room

Facilitating the operation of waiters

The entire process in the same personalized landing page

Your guests will make their orders and payments from a website designed with the image of your restaurant's brand.

Gestiónalo todo desde una landing.

Easy access

Through a QR code, the customer can scan the establishment's menu to order and pay from their table.

Landing page accesible para tus comensales.

Tracking notifications

Activate notifications via email or SMS with the tracking of the order and payment at the table so that the customer can know at any time the status in which it is.

Notificaciones e-mail y sms

payment guarantee

Request a bank card as a guarantee of payment to ensure payment of all tables.


digital letter

The diner accesses the digital menu that has been previously configured. The configuration is simple, intuitive and 100% customizable, being able to modify the products according to what you need at the moment.

The configuration is simple, intuitive and 100% customizable, allowing you to modify the products according to your current needs.

Carta Digital.

Advantages of CoverAtTable

Benefit from an automated table ordering and payment system in the same tool.


Optimize the time

of your tables to increase turnover


Increase the profitability

of your restaurant by reducing waiting times for your customers


Facilitate the operation

of your waiters so that they are more efficient


Improve the experience

of your guests with a more agile service

Payment at the table

The client will be able to pay directly at the end of the service by bank card, Google Pay and Apple Pay quickly and easily.

You will also have the possibility of dividing the payment among all the guests.

Proceso de pago en mesa

Offer your guests the possibility of placing the order + payment at the table without the presence of the waiter.

CoverAtTable is independent from other CoverManager solutions.

proceso de pedido en mesa

Order + payment at the table

A process similar to that of an order at home but directly at the table. It is very easy and intuitive.

Your guests have access to a digital menu to choose the products they want to consume.

Once they have chosen, the order is notified in the CoverManager software and the order will arrive at their table.

360° Management of your business

CoverBookings, CoverAtHome and CoverOnTheGo are integrated within the same software, to facilitate your overall management.

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Own CRM integrated with bookings and orders

Know your customer and unify your databases in one place.

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Marketing solutions

Loyalize your customers to establish a better relationship with them.

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Integrate with your POS, PBX and email marketing tools.

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Increase your visibility through our Demand Generation Network.

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